Before he retired, he had handed over charge of his office.

Some people don't believe in love. They just believe in biology.

If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, and you could bring ten songs to listen to, what would they be?

His life's goal was the "internal idea." Because the Boulogne declaration only alluded to the language, he felt the necessity to also define clearly the motto of ideal Esperantists.

Put that knife down. You're making me nervous.

Come and I'll show you who I am.

The traitor betrayed his country to the enemy.

What do you intend to do with him?


Take a breather.

I need Gail now.

We got into a huge snowstorm.

I plan to go there.

How much money do you have in your pockets right now?

Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it.

He is very kind to me.

I didn't know that soccer was such a dangerous sport.

I love my mom.


I was talking to Ozan about something else.

Poor Pinocchio! He even tried to tear his hair, but as it was only painted on his wooden head, he could not even pull it.

I thought you'd say that.

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I told him nothing.

I do think that it is a pity.

I thought it was him.

Let's find sentences with new vocabulary on this topic, add them to the following list: _____; and translate them.

God has chosen to save only a few individuals.

You've just been down in the dumps.

What he said yesterday is not consistent with what he said last week.


Sriram had a strange dream.

I got here about the same time as Hans.

You should wait inside.

Why don't we go inside?

Her father was a tractor driver and her mother worked in a textile plant.

My friend went to Gothernburg.

It has been raining since Sunday.

Why didn't you tell the truth?

They were swimming.


As for the students of today, I don't know what they are thinking about.

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Menopause is the end of menstruation.

I just organized my desk.

She and I have been married 30 years.

Pedestrian safety is being compromised by people looking at their mobile phones or other devices while crossing the road.

It's too flashy.


I was so sorry to hear about your wife.

Let's wait for another 5 minutes.

I only meant to scare you.

He broke his promise, which was a big mistake.

What's your favourite TV programme?

You treated me like a child.

Give my regards to your folks.

I hope I won't still be ill next week.

She ran her fingers through her hair.

What's it called?

Now, how can I help you?

If you had never gone to Boston, you wouldn't have met Stevan.

He confirmed that it was the wreck of the Titanic.


She drew her gun and said:

Business recovery, which looks just around the corner, will be rapid and strong.

The dictator came to power fifteen years ago.

There is a man waiting for you at the door.

What are you dreaming with your mouth open?

The days are drawing in.

She will be able to swim soon.


I received a letter from her to the effect that she couldn't accept my marriage proposal.


I no longer appreciate Toerless.

Did you know this, too?

Everyone seems to agree.

If you don't want it, don't eat it.

There are too many codes to remember.

Skeeter is a good friend of Junior's father.

Let's go in.

Stop picking on him.

Where's my driver?

A prolonged silence followed.

Lucius is a hunt-and-peck typist.

Jarmo was talking.

I told Jackye I couldn't do it without his help.


Swamy Jackson practically built this town.

The players made a wall as Lionel Messi went to shoot.

How many spectators were there at the stadium?

He's the kind of guy who doesn't take women seriously.

Life begins when you're ready to live it.

Hungary is a state situated in Central Europe.

Just don't forget to smile.


You'll understand when the time comes.

Give her a hand.

I don't think you're telling the truth.

I'd like to be alone.

The public only knows what they've been told by the state media.

Well, no one invited me.

Floria never thought he'd see Ning again.


Y'all come! You all come see us, now!

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A funny thing happened to me today!


Knut couldn't decide when to leave.

I get awkward talking to girls.

He found me a taxi.


She is materialistic and superficial.

Don't tell me what's possible!

Beetles, butterflies and cockroaches are insects.


She's stupid.


There is nothing to him.

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The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.

It is probably a machine translation.

Can I leave my bag here?


I can't understand why Miriamne doesn't like me.

Now it is my turn to speak.

Do you sell any trousers lined with plaid flannel?

Put the key under the mat.

Belinda has done this before, I'm pretty sure.

Trent said he never saw me.

The biggest problem of immigration is its multicultural character. The trouble is not that workers migrate when necessary, but the insurmountable cultural gap that separates them from the host societies. Without going any further, Muslim immigration in Europe is a good example.

How can this not be good?

I have finished cleaning my room.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

Who made the sun?

How many people are there on the payroll?

Does Lloyd usually write to you in French?

French cuisine is excellent.

Here's the group of reporters I told you about.

Dan beat up Linda's brother, Matt.

We need to be sure.

Are you seriously going to wear that?

Heather took one of the newspapers from the table and waited until his name was called.


That story can be true.

He didn't spare time on his studies.

I'll never tell.

The policeman drew the revolver.

We have lost control of the robots!


The child caught a cold.

I should've done this earlier.

I thought you wanted this back.

Do you remember when Miriamne said that?

The guard was on duty all night.

That's painfully true.

In autumn the migratory birds fly south.

Bring a bag lunch.

Why couldn't you tell Brooke?

She had good reason to file for a divorce.

The German team lost, and now I'm upset.


He showed great skill in skiing.

I'm sorry that this happened.

Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

I am growing breasts.

Joon shouldn't have spent so much money.

School begins at 8:10 a.m.

You probably have some heavy luggage.

He thought of himself as being charming enough.

I hope you don't hold it against me.

Give him my regards.

It really suits me.

We're ready to do our best in order to help Marnix.

Could you verify that your computer is plugged in?

Obviously, it's time to leave.

I offered it to her.


Sir is very dear to me.


I hear the storks clacking from up in the belfry.

Earnie seemed reluctant to give Vernon the bad news.

An anonymous benefactor bequeathed several hundred thousand dollars to an animal shelter.

The bridge was washed away by the flood.

Their baby can walk.

That was kickass!

Dawn shot this footage.

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Does Becky seem helpless?

There's a very good view from that hill.

I hate when this happens.


Timothy needs to see me right away.

Hubert and Lynnette are in agreement.

They were never to see each other again.

He knows how to greet people in all languages.

If only I were as handsome as he is.

What Judy does is his own business.

Earl's parents congratulated him on his engagement.

Shel smelled it.

It'd be a shame to let all of this food go to waste.